A Home of Steel

Many out there looking for their dream home but little do they know it's right around the corner.

Still doesn't take as much labor time thankfully so it is much cheaper for housing of this type. And the warranty lasts up to 50 years on the steel house. Definitely worth any price. Mostly homebuyers are scanning for decent price ranges, but in this case the home prices won't push buyers beyond their financial limits.

Helping out the environment
What's interesting about this is the fact that the steel framing for the house can be formed from recycled cars. This makes it better for the forest.

There is no such thing as a termite they can chew through metal. Other wood homes require special chemicals or would treatment but with a steel foundation termites don't stand a chance. Mole does not grow as well, because of still being in organic. Fire does not go well with steel either. Still does not fuel a fire thankfully.

Feel frame houses are so much lighter, stronger and straighter than normal ones. There is no bending or warping of the steel. Along with no rust or mold to build up. They requirement of less labor when using steel makes the overall price range drop. The framing being unaffected by temperature changes, the home is more energy efficient. This save a lot on the cost of energy and sees natural resources like foRests. Nothing is wasted it still can be cut to a strictly defined size and is completely recyclable. No heavy machines I cranes are even needed,which saves money as well. Screwing in steel is faster along with it being a non-toxic. Surprisingly health issues may come up from time to time with other homes, but not steel, with it not being treated with chemicals. Click on park model homes for more details.